What Causes Neck Pain?

Everyone, sometime or the other experiences neck pain due to different reasons at different times in life. Complaints about sore neck are common, but usually these are not of a serious matter or concern.

Neck pain, in any age group, can happen for multiple reasons, such as, sudden jerk, accident, in sports activities, neck inflammation, a fall, fainting, a pinched nerve in the neck, while traveling, bad sleeping position, inappropriate pillow / mattress, bad sitting position at table or study / work desk, laptop hunching / leaning, lack of exercise, poor posture (especially while watching TV), strained or weakened neck muscles, the way one carries heavy weight, herniated disc related to the neck area, problem in musculoskeletal system, spine problem can lead to stiff neck, infection, swelling and so forth. Orthocure helps in neck pain treatment in gurgaon.

Why is Neck Important as a Body Part?

Neck is delicate and yet a hardworking body part. Neck is the starting point of the whole body below the head, which is the starting point of the spinal column and cord. Neck provides the movement and mobility of the head especially that it works in tandem with the rest of the body. On average, the human head weighs around 5 or 5.5 kg. In a sense, neck is the important and main link or connecting point between the head and the rest of the human body. Neck aids in moving the head up-down-left-right etc. Neck is where the food, breath, blood to head etc pass through.

A neck pain can sometimes lead to other problems such as a headache, stiffness etc, therefore a neck pain shouldn’t be ignored and Neck pain treatment should be done.

How to Take Care of the Neck in General?

Out of the 24 hours, about 7 to 8 hours are spent sleeping. First of all, the neck should be positioned well on the pillow while sleeping. The right pillow and bed is important. A bad sleeping position can also cause neck pain. The right sleeping position helps in the wellbeing and overall good functionality of the neck.

Early stage identification of neck pain and its cure is most apt. The moment and time it is prolonged and unattended to, it can deepen / severe the neck pain and may create complexity in increase in neck pain in future. Get recover from neck pain with our neck pain treatment

What are the Remedies and Treatment for a Neck Pain?

Some Dos and Donts about Neck Care

  • Perform specific neck exercises under guidance of a Therapist
  • Take proper rest
  • Sleep well in the right posture for around 8 hours
  • Have the right pillow and mattress
  • Have periodic neck massages by Specialist
  • Apply special oils, ointments, sprays, creams etc recommended by Therapists
  • Do not take a neck pain lightly as it could be related to other ailment as well

However, in case of serious and chronic neck pains, for cervical relief, the patient should consult a Specialist / Doctor and get a consultation and check up done, followed by treatment. Post the neck pain cure and treatment, the patient should do the advised neck exercises under supervision.

Where to get Neck Pain Treatment done?

The search for neck pain relief and treatment stops here. A patient can get a world class of neck related ailments treatment with qualified Specialists / Therapists at any one of the Orthocure Clinics in Gurgaon. Orthocure Clinics have the latest and advanced diagnosis systems and instruments. For a FREE basic consultation, and for directions to any of Orthocure’s conveniently located Clinics in Gurgaon, please CLICK HEREFor any urgency or an immediate appointment, please call at 9821451214.


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