Neck pain is one of the most common health problems in both women and men because of using computers and mobiles frequently. Many factors, including hunching over electronics, can contribute to pain in the neck. Neck pain is sometimes a minor issue, which can be remedied with a few changes in living patterns and perhaps a little muscle stretching. But recurring neck pain other times can be a sign of a more severe problem that will not be “cleared up” alone.

It is not easy to tell whether a minor strain causes the pain and whether a severe underlying problem requires immediate care. This is why you should not ignore chronic neck pain, and visiting a neck pain treatment clinic in Gurgaon can help you relieve the pain. Orthopaedics like Orthocure is one of the best orthopaedic clinics in Gurgaon.

Common causes of recurring neck pain

Muscle strain and nerve compression are the most common causes of chronic neck pain. It may be difficult to tell what of these symptoms, depending on the symptoms you experience. Most muscle strain comes from activities on one side of your neck that cause a lot of uneven stress. Repeat lifting is a common cause of muscle stress around the throat, particularly in case of heavy loads or if you’re carrying a heavy bag over one shoulder on one side of your body to tote heavy loads. You can also cause muscle strain to your neck if you sleep in a weird position or have a pillow that provides adequate support.

The earliest signs of nerve compression often look like muscle stress symptoms — i.e., doling and pain around the neck, upper back and shoulder. And more confusingly, nerve compression can be caused by many of the same things, like repeated lifting, that cause muscle stress in the throat. Pinched nerves often occur after accidents in the slip, sports, or auto.

Why to never ignore recurring neck pain?

You can wind up with electric shooting pain extending to your back and through your arms if you have a compressed nerve within your neck and delay your treatment. A pinched nerve can make your muscles weaken over time and can interfere with your hand movement. Finally, the damage could become permanent and lead to a lifetime of disability if care is delayed.

This does not mean that you should also ignore muscle strain. If you tension your muscle, inflammation may occur, which may turn on your nerves. Or, by placing excess pressure on other areas of your neck and shoulders, which can also press on nerves, you could compensate for the strain. Even a slight muscle strain can lead to nerve compression that may cause severe and even permanent damage. The final result is relatively straightforward; a healthcare professional must examine any chronic neck pain that lasts for days without relief.

Consult now to know what is causing you the neck pain

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