“Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our society.”
John F. Kennedy

Your medical fitness journey starts with the best fitness program between you, your fitness coach, and the clinic. When you are physically fit, you make both your mental and physical condition in a much better state and shape, but you also may make others around you follow you, and you encourage them to be medically fit as well, in turn.

Where to get your best programs for complete medical fitness?

There are different physical problems or challenges attached to your physical fitness at different ages and lifestyles. Orthocure, India’s 1st chain of speciality clinics for orthopaedic issues, provides you with an integrated and one-stop solution to your complete fitness.

What is involved in having the best programs for complete medical fitness and its wellbeing?

Orthocure provides a one-stop solution for all your fitness-related problems, such as back and neck pain, knee and hip pain, hand and shoulder pain, foot and ankle pain, and sports or other physical activity-related. To mention some of the best programs provided by Orthocure

Golden Agers Program

Orthocure helps and endeavours to add years to your life. Through physiotherapy for any associated ailments or age-related physical problems, the Doctors at Orthocure help you or your elderly near and dear ones or any senior citizens in your circle or known to you to have personalized programs with a comprehensive approach by Orthocure doctors or fitness health experts.

What is Orthocure’s SportsFIT program?

Many sports and physical activities come with proneness to particular physical pain, fatigue, or injury. Orthocure offers the best treatment, recovery, and future dealing with physical well-being resulting from any pain or problem caused due to sports or physical activity. For example, Orthocure’s “RunFIT” helps you with a complete body checkup with globally acclaimed machines and medical equipment, primarily related to running or jogging or such physical activity. Orthocure also provides special insoles for runners.

Orthocure’s “GolfFIT” provides for consultation, structural correction, and exercises, enhancing you to keep going with your playing Golf. Orthocure also provides special insoles for golfers.

Some other programs include FitMOM Pregnancy Program and WorkFIT Program for Corporate. To know more about the programs, you may visit http://orthocure.co.in/ or for an appointment and queries, call +91 7875001001.


“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”
Joseph Pilates, a famous German physical trainer

Irrespective of your age, sport or physical activities that you engage in, you would get your best fitness programs for complete medical robustness and well-being at any of the Orthocure chain of clinics. The clinics’ locations can be found at http://orthocure.co.in/locations