Your foot is connected to your lower leg with the help of three ligaments. (the ankle joint).  If one of these ligaments gets stretched too far or tears, that is a sprained ankle.

There may be a few reasons for this to happen.

  • When you are running and you plant your foot the wrong way, or if you are climbing or getting down the stairs or any other regular activity.
  • When you step on an uneven surface without any warning.
  • When you regularly play sports 
  • When you have balance problems
  • When you fear heels that are too high
  • When you wear shoes that do not fit
  • When you have weak or stuff angles due to some injury in the past

Symptoms of Ankle Sprain 

  • Swelling and bruising
  • The pain is the most obvious and visible symptom. The nerves become very sensitive and the joint hurts. It hurts to stand, walk, press on it or move it.
  • There is warmth and redness in that particular area as sprain causes more blood flow to the area.
  • When the ligament is torn, the joint feels unreliable. It is unstable and weak.
  • You cannot walk, at least not without immense pain.


The doctor will move your ankle to know exactly which bones are affected and to ensure the well-being of your nerves and arteries. 

More advanced tests include having X-rays to check for fractures, doing MRI to show torn ligaments, bone chips, damaged cartilage, etc.

An ultrasound shows the image of how the ligaments look while the ankles are moving.

CT scan uses X-rays to make and deliver detailed pictures of your bones.

Treatment of Ankle Sprain 

Treatment for ankle sprain is very essential as ankles are needed to do the most basic things in life like walking, running, dancing or just standing.

Luckily, your chiropractor can help you get your life back to normal in a very effective method. Chiropractic focuses on getting back the normal movement of the sprained ankle by removing the root cause without any surgical treatment.

Adjustments are very common when it comes to curing ankle sprain. Manipulation is not just used in the case of spinal problems. The natural way and positions of the bones, ligaments and tendons in the ankle allow it to move. In case of sprain, the normal alignment of the ankle is knocked. An ankle adjustment would slowly start to put all bones, ligaments and tendons back in place.

Chiropractors also use strengthening exercises to help you improve mobility and strength in the ankle. This automatically increases your functionality. Also, regular movement of the sprain ensures decreased pain, ease at moving the ankle and a sense of self-confidence. Chiropractors do not use any surgical methods make the pain go away. They manipulate and heal. Adjustment and manipulation are two things that affect the healing fast and are better than getting operated on drugs.  Chiropractic method is a very safe and highly effective method to speed up the recovery. Doctors have seen severe swellings go down in just seconds after a proper ankle adjustment/manipulation. Regular chiropractic adjustments ensure increased blood flow to the injured area which also helps in speedy recovery.

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