What is Slipped Disc about?

Slipped disc, occurring in any age group, is an ordinary, frequent or common issue. Except in extreme or acute / heightened cases, it is not something too grave to worry about. There are routine cures for slipped disc related ailments. Slipped disc is the rupturing or protruding of certain tissues in or adjoining bone areas, which falls between the vertebral bones (e.g. small bones in the spine).

Can Slipped Disc Cause Pain to Children?

As above, slipped disc is not as much a serious issue unless taken care of in time. Depending on the body area and the type of slipped disc, a child can face serious or minor pain; it depends on the intensity of the slipped disc ailment. Some children may experience minor discomfort due to slipped disc, and this should be attended to at an early stage by visiting a Clinic Therapist for slipped disc treatment as a precaution for it to become intense. It should not be ignored. A child may complain of joint pain, or nerve pain, numbness etc. Sometimes, children in any activity over stretch, or exceed the physical limit.

How Common is Slipped Disc for Children?

Typically, slipped disc may be more common in adults than children. However, for children, the causes of slipped disc can be multiple. Any child can be prone or susceptible to slipped disc in his/her daily routine, play time, at home or school etc. Slipped disc maybe more common with children in sports activities. Slipped disc for children can happen in any sports activities, like basketball, athletics / running, skating, gymnastics, camping/ hiking, physical gaming activities etc that can cause stress or jerk to any body part like joints. Orthocure provides Slipped disc treatment in Gurgaon.

How to Cure Slipped Disc for Children?

First step is to introspect with the child about his/her experience of pain, discomfort or complaint. A parent / guardian may bring the child to a specialist Clinic where a Therapist will carry out an in-depth check. Basis the background of the cause of the slipped disc, the Clinic Practitioner / Therapist will consult the case with the parent / guardian during slipped disc treatment.  The Clinic Practitioner / Therapist may also check for any past injury, medical history etc about the child. Proper treatment, cure and advice play an important in quicker and more natural recovery. Gradual and natural recovery over time is recommended, that has comparatively no side effects to intense painkiller drugs and medication, especially for children.

Best to Contact a Clinic, Therapist specializing in Slipped Disc Ailment

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