Foot insoles are inserted in running shoes to lend support to the foot arch to help reduce the pain caused by reasons such as misalignment of the body or a foot condition that makes it difficult to perform daily activities like walking and other physical activities. Does the question arise how do foot insoles benefit from minimizing the pain and turn out the running experience more comfortable? There are basically three types of the arch in your feet lateral arch, transverse arch, and medial arch. Foot insoles allocate equal pressure within your arches and manage to provide strength and stability and extend balance which reduces the pain one might experience upon performing certain physical activities. Foot insoles can also prove beneficial for  people with lower back pain or stiffness.

To stay fit, healthy, and lead a quality life, engaging in any sort of physical activity is very important despite the chronic pain you may feel in your feet. Running is one such activity that can be made more comfortable with reduced pain and proper alignment and support by utilizing foot insoles in running shoes. However, consulting your specialist and getting their opinion is necessary before making claims regarding foot insoles for your specific condition. Orthocure Clinics has the team which consists of the best physiotherapist in Gurgaon, orthopaedists and the only licensed chiropractor in Gurgaon. At Orthocure, Foot insoles are customized according to your condition to fit perfectly to your foot and arch to provide arch support and reduce discomfort. Arch support might be advised to patients suffering from arthritis, diabetes, flat feet, high arch, or any other issue related to ankle or foot pain.

You know how important it is to wear good and comfortable shoes to ensure that you don’t get subjected to lower back pain and discomfort. The running shoes must support your gait, body alignment, comfort, and arch which if needed can be provided by foot insoles. 

Importance of foot insoles:-

  • Foot insoles prevent any injuries, jerks, lower back pain, stiffness.
  • They evenly distribute the pressure across the arches which in turn provide stability and balance.
  • Arch supports help to improve your body posture and provide straight alignment to the body.
  • For those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, foot insoles are important to ease the pain and provide specialized support. 
  • Foot pain might hinder you from performing the important activities throughout the day, but using the right and customized foot insoles can ease the discomfort and pain.   
  • Prevent your arches from harm by collapsing.
  • Usually advised for people suffering from flat-footedness but after consultation with specialists.
  • Foot insoles on running shoes make the whole experience of strolling and walking around more comfortable for individuals suffering from pain and incorrect body alignment. 
  • They extend a hygienic experience as they can be washed and cleaned for reuse.

Just getting foot insoles is not enough, getting your foot insoles customized based on your conditions and needs that perfectly fit your foot arches is imperative.Orthocure Clinics in Gurgaon has a team of experienced and reputed orthopaedic doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractor all under one roof. Orthocure Clinics follows a standard protocol which enables that your foot insoles are right fit for you to improve your quality of life by increasing comfort in performing daily activities or some other specific activities that might require you to use a foot insole.