The most common cause of neck pain is postural deformities. A good posture is essential for the well being of your neck. In terms of the neck, good posture refers to the posture where the ears are exactly above the shoulders with your chest open and shoulders leaned back. This is called the normal head posture. This poses minimum stress on the neck. The weight of the head is automatically balanced on the cervical spine.

Forward head posture comes into being when the neck slants forward, which positions the head ahead of the shoulders and not directly above them. Problems caused by this head position include-

  • More stress on the cervical spine: Just an inch or two forward of the proper posture and the stress/load on the cervical spine can double or triple.
  • Hyperflexion and hyperextension– the lower cervical spine slips into hyperflexion with the vertebrae tilting forward. The exact opposite happens to the upper cervical spine, and it goes into hyperextension.
  • Muscle overload– muscles in the neck and the upper back are always working to maintain a fair balance with gravity pressure. The neck has to stand uptight for the head to have a straight vision and carry on with the daily chores. This makes the muscles more prone to strains and spasms.
  • Hunched upper back: Badly postured shoulders accompany forward head posture. This causes increased pain in the upper back, shoulders, and neck.

Chiropractic care for neck pain caused by bad posture

Chiropractic neck adjustments, called cervical manipulation, are the main tool that the chiropractors use for treating neck pain. They loosen up the joints in the neck. Chiropractors use their hands to manipulate the neck. They bring the vertebrae back into alignment.

If you choose a chiropractic plan for your neck pain, the chiropractor will continuously make you stretching and exercising, which would control your neck pain. Soft tissue massage helps to loosen muscle knots in the neck and the shoulder.

Is it safe?

If you are going to a licensed chiropractor, it is safe to get your neck pain treated. It is considered to be one of the safest ways of treatment. It is a non-surgical method that does not include the prescription of invasive drugs and pain medications. In the case of surgical treatment, there are always more risks involved. People with chronic neck pains have been seen to be specially benefitted from chiropractic treatment. The level of pain keeps on decreasing as they go through manipulation. People even showed a constant improvement up to 8 weeks post-treatment.

Your treatment would be particularly designed according to your situation. The cause of the pain might affect how long it would take for the treatment to show its effect. Patients who go through neck pain due to some accidents, arthritis or sports injuries may need long-term care. Patients who experience neck pain due to postural issues usually need short-term care. This is also a diagnosis that only a chiropractor can do.

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