2020 was a very unusual year where the whole world experienced something way too uncommon to stand as a possible element of reality. A lot of uncertainty took place, and we witnessed situations that we never wished to see. But, we are gradually moving towards recovery with proper care and precautions.

Coronavirus had three significant conclusions: It either took away the life of an individual, which is the most unfortunate one, or it left them with post covid problems, or fortunately, some recovered healthily.

For some, post covid symptoms became a genuine problem; that is when Orthocure decided to launch a program to treat these problems naturally and sustainably.

Some post covid recovery health issues include:
Difficulty in breathing
Joint pain
Chest pain
Muscle pain or headache
Pounding heartbeat

Here’s how our experts help you to recover from these post-covid symptoms:

Seamless online consultation

The most important step in today’s time is maintaining social distancing and opting for alternatives that will keep up with the current scenario. If you have recovered from coronavirus recently, the most important precaution you need to take is the maintenance of all the covid protocols very religiously, and social distancing is a primary one. Therefore, our experts decided to conduct most consultation sessions online to allow you to share all your problems and receive the guidance that will take you towards the road to full-fledged recovery.

Exercise guidance and planner

The best way towards recovery of post-covid symptoms is through proper and required exercises. There are very specific exercises that would suitably fit in your recovery planner. Our physicians and physiotherapists ensure that the guidance and planner provided to you is apt and ample to keep up the motivation. We facilitate one to one video call sessions so that you can make the best out of it while keeping all necessary precautions in mind.

Formulation of a customized treatment plan
You might have all the problems or just a few of them. We believe that a general consultation might not live up to the expectation, and therefore we give you your set of recovery rules that will perfectly fit your routine. Everything we advise is based on your needs so that you get the maximum benefits.

We serve patients by appointments only enabling social distancing, follow extensive sanitization procedures on all touch points before each patient walks in and both doctors & patients wear the Personal Protection Kit provided at the clinic. We serve what serves the best in compliance with the occasion.