Have you been suffering from cold shoulders? Do you find movement in the area restricting? Are you in need of frozen shoulder treatment?

The shoulder joint is the most complex in the entire human body. This joint is highly associative of support and functionality that includes: giving mobility to your arms in complete 360 degrees, facilitating support that stabilizes all bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments and lets the shoulder function together.
With so many parts of your body making your shoulder, it is highly prone to injuries or other activities that could result in loss of flexibility and pain accompanied by discomfort in that region.

Very often referred to as Adhesive Capsulitis, frozen shoulder can be significantly painful and disabling. Three stages accompany the problem: The first stage is a pain in the shoulder region; the second is the freezing of the area, disabling free movements, and lastly, it leads to thawing.
A very common report from the patients is that they typically experience insidious shoulder movement that gets worse at night, leading to a loss in all active and passive motion in that area. Scientifically, there is no great evidence to support the loss in the movement when a patient’s history is examined.

Generally, diabetic patients experience frozen shoulders as a symptom of their disease. So, in this case, it is more of a secondary problem. But, in most cases, it can be a primary one occurring independently.

How can Physiotherapy help?

The main motive of physiotherapy is to restore the troubled movement. Finding the best Physiotherapy treatment nearby can be challenging, but a good one can really bring the change you desire.

Evaluation of the condition:

We always start by examining the problem. Our experts try to find out through movements the level of discomfort and uneasiness. The best solution delivered is through a proper understanding of the problem using the best methods.

Framing the right sets of movement:

Once the condition evaluates at its best, the next step is to frame the perfect set of solutions. We help you maintain and restore the best range of motion. We use a combined capacity of movements with a bit of manual therapy. Along with this, we also provide you with a set of home exercise programs designed to bring back flexibility. But, you need to ensure that you don’t go over aggressive with these exercises. We ascertain all minute details to our patients so that they do it right.

Strengthening the area:
Our experts work towards precision in movements that will induce flexibility and ensure that the area is strengthened enough. Along with this, the physicians also address the kind of movement that is required to support daily and recreational life activities.

At Orthocure, we deliver specialised programs for frozen shoulders whereby we focus on movements that restore functionality over time. We are a dedicated team with expert physicians holding years of experience in such areas of help. With facilities like the latest technology, we are constantly bringing the best elements that we can offer through our services. We are the best orthopaedic clinic in Gurgaon working to bring normal functionality back to the table.