Corporate life can sometimes expose you to sitting in one place for longer durations in a certain posture that can stimulate muscle pressure in the back region.
The primary reason for this problem is the static positioning that puts pressure on the back, shoulders, arms, and legs and puts a lot of tension on the back muscles and spinal discs. All of this results in back pain that can prolong effects if left untreated for a long time.
If you are already suffering from this issue, it is time for a cure at physiotherapy stations where experts can help you release the muscle stress and tension to make you feel good in your own body.
If the problem is mild and in its primary stage, including a few steps and preventive measures can help you from entering into the worst situation.
Let’s see a few steps that you can take to prevent lower back pain while working in a corporate sector:
Set up your office chair right
The first step is to have a clear interpretation of the desired height of the workstation. It is dependant on the type of work you are supposed to do and your height. You can adjust the height of the office chair in comprehension with your height to put the least pressure on the lower back region of your body.
Ensure Lower back Support
There are minute tricks and techniques of sitting in a certain posture that will help in reducing the tension in the lower back region. While sitting, your lower back should be arched slightly with your bottom pressed generously on the cushion to help the lower back release the extra pressure. Slumping and Slouching in the office chair can stress the muscles more, causing structural problems in the lower back and lumbar discs areas.
Stay Active
It does not matter what level of comfort your chair is providing you; remaining in one posture for a longer duration will put extra pressure on the supporting muscle. Static posture for a prolonged time is the largest contributor to lower back pain.
Ensure movement in your office timings. A minute of stretch and standing position every half an hour will keep the tension on the back muscles low. Further, a walk of 20 minutes will help the active muscles movement, keeping the support balanced. Movement is the key; a sustainable amount of movement throughout the day will help in keeping your body away from any joint and ligament pain.
We at Orthocure have corporate programs whereby we help you destress all the muscles that have become stiff. Our expert physiotherapists guide you towards programs and movements that will enable successful recovery at decent timings. If you work in a corporate sector, it is always good to see a good physiotherapist now and then.