Avoid your back pain by improving your physical condition and practising proper body mechanics. So get Active!

  • Form a routine of exercising regularly.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Take active breaks from work. Take a 5 mins break every 30 mins. make a pending phone call and walk while talking, walk on the spot or around your house. Go and get yourself a cup of tea/coffee/water from the kitchen, Play a song and jump/stretch for 5 mins, Perform domestic chores such as cleaning and arranging the room, go up and down the stairs, use a box to perform step-ups.
  • Avoid movements that twist or strain your back.
  • Use laptop support to maintain eye level and help put less strain on your neck.
  • Use a back support or a cushion behind your back to help support your spine and reduce strain.
  • Gentle stretches of neck in between work hours helps in maintaining flexibility of the spine.
  • Do chin tucks regularly to avoid poke neck posture.
  • Use proper body mechanics- stand smart, sleep smart, lift smart.
  • Daily Hot and cold packs (whatever suits you) twice or thrice a day helps in managing spasm, stiffness and pain.


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