The foot is the most integral part of our body as it bears all the weight of the body and due to that foot and ankle pain can hamper one’s ability to perform day to day activities. The Foot is a very complex structure, it includes 26 bones and 30 joints along with muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and arches. The foot insoles or inner soles play an important role in minimizing foot and ankle pain by lending support to the foot arches and inducing proper alignment of the body. However, the first would be to understand the underlying cause of the pain by seeking consultation from a specialist followed by ankle sprain treatment in Gurgaon or elsewhere. It is also important to understand that for conditions like foot and ankle pain, the individuals can approach a physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon or any other city to seek treatment that employ techniques like manual therapy depending upon the severity of the condition and specialists’ advice. 

Let’s understand in detail how Physiotherapy can be helpful in treating ankle and foot pain.

Ankle and foot pain can lead to swelling, stiffness, trouble in putting down the first step in the morning,  continual severe discomfort, or dull pain that remains there upon weight bearing or during ankle motion. When the swelling and pain becomes unbearable affecting your daily life, it is indicative of the need to visit a specialist such as a physiotherapist. During the consultation. tell the specialists everything related to the condition be it symptoms or since how long you have been affected by the pain. After that, they customize the treatment plan for you that might include manual therapy, along with certain lifestyle suggestions and certain exercises you need to do to alleviate the pain. 

  • Physiotherapy helps to speed up the recovery but also works on rehabilitation and prevention programmes. It has to proven to be an effective medical treatment method to cure chronic pains and severe injuries. It enables better health and fitness and corrects mobility problems as well.
  • Physiotherapists play a huge role to keep you active, dealing with the pain as per individual’s needs, followed by improving the function of the affected area.  Physiotherapists may provide pain relief through techniques like manual therapy in the initial few sessions to ensure that you feel less painful than the first time you walked in. This might include but not limited to massage that loosen up knots in the affected area.
  • Physiotherapists treat your pain the way that it becomes better than what it was in the first place and enables you to perform better in terms of your physical conditions. 
  • Physiotherapists will suggest exercises depending upon your fitness level and the condition that works to you and your body feel better. 

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