The Importance of Ankle and its Care

The skinny and bony looking ankle is the “L” shaped foot area that takes the load of balancing the body to foot round the clock; that is like an interface between the leg and foot. In medical terminology, ankle is referred to as the talocrural region. When an ankle is sprained, a person feels handicapped even in some basic movement activities like getting up from a chair. Improper care of ankle sprain by a person/patient can lead him/her in going for knee pain treatment as well, in future.

What happens to Ankle when Sprained?

Ankle can get sprained for a multitude of reasons, such as during a walk / jog, playing a Sport, climbing stairs, stretching, twisting, falling, missing a step, sudden jerk etc in some household or outdoor activity and so forth. In some cases, and if not treated in time or kept prolonged, ankle sprain can lead to other physical problems, and one may have to go for knee pain treatment over time.  Ankle sprain needs attention as it can later move on to other problems such as undergoing knee pain treatment, if not attended to.

Dos and Donts when the Ankle is Sprained 

The Dos in the condition of ankle sprain are:

  • Contact a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor at a renowned Clinic
  • If recommended by Physiotherapist, dip ankle in warm water tub (with a pinch of salt in it)
  • Wear comfortable footwear, with a foot insole 
  • Under advisory, put knee crepe bandages for knee pain treatment due to ankle sprain  
  • Get the ankle area, ligament etc examined by a Physiotherapist  
  • Apply the specific to ankle sprain ointment under advice by Physiotherapist
  • Do the specific exercises for ankle sprain and under knee pain treatment session per Physiotherapist

The Dos in the condition of ankle sprain are:

  • For serious ankle sprain, do not experiment on own, without supervision of Physiotherapist or Chiropractor
  • Avoid extensive physical movement or intensive Sport or excessive walking / jogging activity
  • Do not wear tight, hard and/or uncomfortable footwear
  • Avoid climbing stiff stairs 
  • Avoid travel / touring especially in challenging terrains like hills 
  • Do not be negligent in daily activities like market visit, shifting heavier household or office items
  • Do not take knee pain treatment lightly due to ankle sprain 
  • Do not take minor ankle sprains lightly thinking it will heal by itself overtime, it could spread or be serious in future 

Where to get Ankle Sprain and Knee Pain Treatment

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